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Name:Rock Bucket
Applications:Digging earth mixed with hard stones, solid rocks, and rotten granite and loading tough rocks and blasted ores.
Excavator Operating Weight:From 20 ton or above
Brand Name:SUP
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Min.Order Quantity:1 piece
Supply Ability:100 pcs bucket per month
Delivery time:within 30 days after received the deposit


High Quality Rock Bucket, SUP Built!

SUP specializes in various excavator buckets to meet the demands of different working condition, such as:  Standard bucket,Heavy duty bucket,Rock bucket,Tilting bucket,Mud bucket,ditch bucket,skeleton bucket,clamshell bucket,thumb bucket,etc.

SUP Rock Bucket is an excellent work tool for digging earth mixed with hard stones, solid rocks, rotten granite and loading of tough rocks and blasted ores.

Product Characteristics:

  • Tooth plate(cutting edge),side plates are made of Swedish Hardox high strength steel.
  • With Swedish Hardox high strength steel side&rear wear strips.
  • With heel blocks and lip protectors. 
  • With side protectors/shrouds.
  • With Rock type teeth&adaptors


Choose SUP, you can always enjoy long lifetime buckets with low maintenance!



1)SUP Construction Equipment Co.Ltd. adopt latest CAD making drawings and the advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) to analyze the stress distribution of products,through which we optimize the structure the best,thickness of every steel plates are strictly selected,to make sure each our attachment is reliable and durable.

2)Material cutting is done by advance CNC flame plasma cutting machines.


3)Every steel plates are well beveled before welding, straight plates are beveled by large milling machine, circular or arc area are beveled by OTC plasma cutting robot,this can improve the welding quality greatly.


4)Welding is done partly by skillful workers with at least 4 years experience, and partly by robotic welding machine, excellent welding quality is guaranteed.

5)Ultrasonic flaw detector is used to detect products to ensure every welding beads are good enough. 

6)Surface treatment for the products processed in Large sandblasting room,the treatment can release surface stress of product, remove dirt,improve the adhesive force between the paint and products surface.



Applicable Excavator Brands:

 Applicable models:

Caterpillar Excavator:


Hitachi Excavator: 



KOBELCO Excavator:


KOMATSU Excavator: 


Volvo Excavator: EC120,EC140,EC170,EC200,EC210,EC220,EC240,EC250,EC290,EC300,EC350,EC360,EC380,EC460,EC480,EC700,EC750,EC950

CASE Excavator: CX130,CX135,CX160,CX180,CX210,CX220,CX225,CX240,CX260,CX290,CX360,CX300,CX350,CX380,CX470,CX490,CX500,CX700,CX800.

Sumitomo Excavator: SH100,SH120,SH130,SH180,SH200,SH210,SH240,SH260,SH280,S280,S340,SH300,SH350,SH360,SH380,SH400,SH450,SH480,SH700.

Hyundai Excavator: R110,R130,R150,R200,R200-5,R210,R215,R220-5,R225LC,R230,R275,R290,R300LC,R305LC,R330LC,R350,R360LC,R400,R450LC,R375,R385,R485,R520,R800,R850.



Liebherr Excavator:R313,R317,R900,R906,R916,R924,R926,R942,R954,R964,R974,R984,R9250,R9350,R994,R995,R996,R9800.

CATO Excavator:HD250,HD400,HD450,HD550,HD700,HD800,HD820,HD900 HD1230,HD1250,HD1430,HD1880.





Choose SUP, gain superior quality attachments and long-term partner.








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