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What our customer said about our long reach vs. our competitors- SUP Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Hi Sunny,

I have now had an opportunity to use one of your competitors (E**) long reach boom and sticks. 
Here is a list of concerns I have from just operating two weeks with it.

The pins are 10 mm smaller in diameter than yours and we already have a failed bushing in the
boom to base of excavator mounting pin.

The boom to stick connection pin is 120 mm on your stick and the pin diameter on the E** boom
yoke is 110 mm.  When we line bore out the boom to accommodate the larger pin we found great
inconsistency in steel hardness.  My guess is we were hitting pockets of pig iron.

This boom is clearly of inferior manufacture when compared to your quality but I think well represents
the majority of the market place. 

There is a reason I am so loyal to your product.  Your factory put out a long reach boom that when the
field mechanics from Caterpillar came out to assemble our amphibious unit they were absolutely
confused how it could be so well designed yet not be from P*****.  P***** is considered the standard
for excellence in long stick and booms as well as other attachments.  Cat******** has used them for
many years.

Believe it or not the long reach boom from E** is actually shorter and heavier than the
one you built for us.  I didn't even trust it to last two weeks which is why I bore out a brand new boom
to fit your stick on it.

Where I am going with this is I put a tremendous load on my Cat 330D in regards to production
requirements.  I prefer to operate with the finest components available on the market.  You and your
company provide the best stick and boom I am aware of and I find it unacceptable to send anything
less out into the field.

There are a couple of areas I would like to focus on in regards to the range of motion the stick and
boom need to have.

Since we tend to build very large piles of material when we excavate channels and rivers it is necessary
for the boom to retract the greatest amount possible towards the body of the machine.

In regards to the hinge point of the stick and boom it is also necessary for this to curl all the way back
to nearly parallel with the boom.  This greatly aids with maintenance and very close in excavating. 

I am not concerned with my operators damaging the machine.  The men and women I send out are the
absolute best at their jobs with decades of experience.  The massive capacities of the machine make up
for the slower and safer operating pace we set and at the end of the day we still outperform our competition.

Thank you again for your fine work Sunny.

Best Regards,


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